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Australia & New Zealand Shipping Now Available Starting at $35.00
10AN 5 8 BLUE HOSE FT Aeroquip Fittings

Availability: Ships Today
Vendor Name: Aeroquip Fittings
Line Code: EAT
Part Number: FCV1001

  • Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products is the only leading performance plumbing supplier that engineers and manufactures its own hose and fittings.
  • State-of-the-art testing capabilities and ISO 9001 and QS9000 quality certified facilities are Eaton hallmarks.
  • A 100,000-plus square foot Central Distribution Facility sends product out the door—when and where it is needed.
  • Aeroquip AQP inner tube used in the majority of our performance hoses is scientifically superior—allowing fluid and ambient temperatures of 300° F with no loss in performance and unmatched fluid compatibility.
  • Contingency programs with NHRA, IHRA and several other industry associations around the country, providing support to a wide range of racers.
  • With the largest pool of engineering resources in the industry, Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products is the industry leader in product quality and development.

Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations

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EAT-FCM1012 Aeroquip Fittings #6 Straight Hose End FCM1012
EAT-FCM1013 Aeroquip Fittings #8 Straight Hose End FCM1013
EAT-FCM1014 Aeroquip Fittings #10 Straight Hose End FCM1014
EAT-FCM1055 Aeroquip Fittings #12 150 Deg Hose End FCM1055
EAT-FCM1112 Aeroquip Fittings #6 45 Stl Swivel (PTFE FCM1112
EAT-FCM1302 Aeroquip Fittings #6 Swivel FCM1302
EAT-FCM1386 Aeroquip Fittings #6 45 Steel Elbow FCM1386
EAT-FCM1515 Aeroquip Fittings #12 Straight Socketless FCM1515
EAT-FCM2010 Aeroquip Fittings St Alum #12flare/1/2in Pipe FCM2010
EAT-FCM2012 Aeroquip Fittings St Alum #16flare/1in Pipe FCM2012
EAT-FCM2013 Aeroquip Fittings -6 AN to 1/2in Pipe Alum Adapter FCM2013
EAT-FCM2022 Aeroquip Fittings 45 Alum #6flare/1/4in Pipe FCM2022
EAT-FCM2023 Aeroquip Fittings 45 Alum #8flare/3/8in Pipe FCM2023
EAT-FCM2030 Aeroquip Fittings 90 Alum #3flare/1/8in Pipe FCM2030
EAT-FCM2031 Aeroquip Fittings 90 Alum #4flare/1/8in Pipe FCM2031
EAT-FCM2035 Aeroquip Fittings 90 Alum #6flare/3/8in Pipe FCM2035
EAT-FCM2036 Aeroquip Fittings 90 Alum #8flare/1/4in Pipe FCM2036
EAT-FCM2040 Aeroquip Fittings 90 Alum #12flare/3/4in Pipe FCM2040
EAT-FCM2048 Aeroquip Fittings #4flare/#3flare Union FCM2048
EAT-FCM2053 Aeroquip Fittings #8flare/#8flare Union FCM2053
EAT-FCM2055 Aeroquip Fittings #12flare/#12flare Union FCM2055
EAT-FCM2060 Aeroquip Fittings #3 Flare End Union Tee FCM2060
EAT-FCM2065 Aeroquip Fittings #12 Flare End Union Tee FCM2065
EAT-FCM2071 Aeroquip Fittings #4 Flare End Blkhd Union FCM2071
EAT-FCM2082 Aeroquip Fittings #6 Flare 90 Blkhd Union FCM2082
EAT-FCM2083 Aeroquip Fittings #8 Flare 90 Blkhd Union FCM2083
EAT-FCM2084 Aeroquip Fittings #10 Flare 90 Blkhd Union FCM2084
EAT-FCM2085 Aeroquip Fittings #12 Flare 90 Blkhd Union FCM2085
EAT-FCM2092 Aeroquip Fittings #6 Flare Blkhd Branch Te FCM2092
EAT-FCM2100 Aeroquip Fittings Alum #6 Locknut FCM2100
EAT-FCM2105 Aeroquip Fittings Alum #12 Locknut FCM2105
EAT-FCM2108 Aeroquip Fittings Fuel Pump Adapter (Alum) FCM2108
EAT-FCM2111 Aeroquip Fittings Fuel Pump Adapter FCM2111
EAT-FCM2112 Aeroquip Fittings Carter Afb Adapter FCM2112
EAT-FCM2113 Aeroquip Fittings Single Feed Holley #6 FCM2113
EAT-FCM2130 Aeroquip Fittings 1/4in Alum Pipe Coupler FCM2130
EAT-FCM2131 Aeroquip Fittings 3/8in Alum Pipe Coupler FCM2131
EAT-FCM2132 Aeroquip Fittings 1/8in Male Pipe Nipple FCM2132
EAT-FCM2133 Aeroquip Fittings 1/4in Male Pipe Nipple FCM2133
EAT-FCM2135 Aeroquip Fittings 1/2in Male Pipe Nipple FCM2135
EAT-FCM2136 Aeroquip Fittings 1/4in-1/8in Pipe Bushing FCM2136
EAT-FCM2137 Aeroquip Fittings 3/8in-1/4in Pipe Bushing FCM2137
EAT-FCM2139 Aeroquip Fittings 1/2in-3/8in Pipe Bushing FCM2139
EAT-FCM2140 Aeroquip Fittings 1/2in-1/4in Pipe Bushing FCM2140
EAT-FCM2142 Aeroquip Fittings 3/4in-1/2in Pipe Bushing FCM2142
EAT-FCM2150 Aeroquip Fittings Alum Female Pipe Tee 1/8 FCM2150
EAT-FCM2160 Aeroquip Fittings #8flare/#6flare Reducer FCM2160
EAT-FCM2167 Aeroquip Fittings #12flare/#10flare Reduce FCM2167
EAT-FCM2409 Aeroquip Fittings #8 To #4 Reducer Steel FCM2409
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